Gymnastics: Bulgaria


The sport was in 1896 and was originated in the early Greek civilization.  

Players and rules

Gymnastics is a sport which individuals or groups of 5 or more people  can do a gymnastics act. In gymnastics you do flips on ropes, bars, leaps, and you have to have flexibility.


There are many events in gymnastics like vault, balance bean, parallel bars, horizontal bar, tumbling, trampolining, and floor.


There are deductions taken from their start value. its called the E score. The composition requirement are different for each apparatus. Its called the D score. The final score is calculated by taking deductions from the E score and add the result to the D score.


The main strategy is to train and workout and do it as a routine. 


If you fall or step outside the line it is a penalty. You get points taking off if you get a penalty.


They use mats, bars, uneven bars, single bars, balance beam, floor, spring floor, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars,  and horizontal bar. 


 there are the Olympic games, professional, and competitions.


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