A Christian Resource

for the South East Asian Context

The logo of Unearthed signifies that our roots are in heaven, rather than on earth; and that in turn powers what we do on earth.

To that end, Unearthed starts from the basis of Godly truth and conduct to facilitate truth seeking, truth seekers, and those who God would use to help those who are seeking.

Unearthed will be a for-profit organization that seeks to be self-sustaining through partnerships and by giving back to the community it serves.

Unearthed will be an online and on-site resource in terms of




Unearthed will be a resource in terms of



  • Focused on biblical exposition as applied to current events
  • Companion articles that facilitate discussion by highlighting consumer comments
  • Invite biblical teachers to write on topics that may have different points of view, allowing discourse and defense
  • Weekly aggregate for content from other resources as edifying reading for the discerning Christian

Unearthed will be a resource in terms of


    Bible Study Resources

  • Online Sermon Resource (by invitation)
  • Templates for Bible Study and Sermon Analysis
  • Book Reviews and bulk-order purchases from Partner Bookstore

    Church Resources

  • Cyber "hymnal" with chords and variations
  • Prayer templates for congregational use

    Unearthed will be a resource in terms of



    • A place to introduce mission fields and/or missionaries in more detail such that prayer can be much more targeted
    • A job listing board for more effective and targeted short-term and long-term missions postings
    • An introduction board for missionaries to request funding for said job listings or their own livelihood

      Unearthed will be a resource in terms of


          Church Workers

      • To support church workers or those seeking to be church workers to showcase their giftings and seek funding for Seminary Study and in return give back to contributors
      • To provide regular support for unpastored congregations either through part-time lay workers or the sourcing for pastors in a full time capacity

        Unearthed will be a resource in terms of


            Workshops / Conventions

        • Listings for local workshops and conventions throughout Malaysia as recommended by an internal board
        • In-house workshops and conventions with partner organizations for the betterment of church leadership, music, preaching, teaching, Sunday School and Youth
        • Helping lay workers to receive knowledge, method, and perhaps even certification by way of eventual build up of credits with a partner seminary


          Unearthed as a ministry will require funding and contributions. To do so, it will require patrons, partners, and it's own production


          Unearthed is looking for Patrons who will support it as a ministry and in return we will do our best to give back to your community by way of service and or gifts.


          Most will agree that Christian businesses and ministries in Malaysia need all the help they can get. By creating a network of symbiotic relationships, Unearthed aims to help and be helped by way of resource sharing, cross-promotions, and commission.

          As such we are looking for

          • A partner book store
          • A partner seminary
          • A partner publisher


          Another way to be self-sustaining is to produce merchandise that is helpful to it's users, or talking points for the unchurched

          Unearthed has planned production of the following

          • Bible study materials
          • Christian books and materials
          • Memorabilia (e.g. t-shirts, note books)
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