Express: means state, reveal, show, signify, communicate, convey, symbolize, and put into words.

Words, whether spoken, written, or symbolized through images, hold power.

3 Expressive Modes

1. visual creation

2. oral expression

3. writing

Speaking: entails sharing an idea or creating a message through spoken words.

7 functions of language:

1. Instrumental

2. Regulatory

3. Interactional

4. Personal

5. Heuristic

6. Imaginative

7. Informative or representational

Oral language and reading

One of the most common oral language activities in schools is reading.

Oral work in the classroom: teachers and students speak

-teacher speaking

-oral presentations

-small group presentations

-informal speaking opportunities

-think pair share

-talking chip

and so on....

Visual work in the classroom...

Expression through:



digital multimedia

Literacy is a function of a person's ability to read and write; however, it is also a function of one's ability to listen and to speak, make sense of the world and communicate with others through all the signs and systems that are intended to convey meaning. 

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