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CEO : Reed Clanahan


Who am I?

Reed Clanahan

• Exercise Science Degree and holds 6 nationally accredited certifications

• Has been a fitness professional in the field for over 7 years

• Currently works in an administrative role overseeing 12 certified fitness professionals and their respected Small Group Training classes

• Manages the largest collegiate Small Group Training program in the nation

• Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship 

The Aerial Yoga Trend


• Aerial dancing first became popularized through Cirque du Soleil aerial dancers and acrobats


• Aerial Yoga is practiced as a strict yoga regimen

• The Yoga practice takes place no more than about 1-2 feet off the ground

The Opportunity

• Trend is GROWING in several major cities

• Many competitor’s products have recently been sold out

• Classes have been at capacity since the beginning


As a gym owner:

• Nowhere to bracket these structures/ceilings are too high

• Facility Space

• Additional revenue to the bottom line

As an Instructor:

• Transport personal equipment

• Additional setup time

• Liability

As a Yogi:

• Heavy

• Time consuming to set up

• Inconvenient

The Competition

• 50-80lbs

• Takes 25 minutes to assemble

• Between 25-34 pieces

• Allen wrench required

• Comes in camping bag

• $550 price for structure alone

The GO-TO-MARKET Strategy

Initial B-B Market Strategy

• Fitness Centers and Yoga Studios small group model are the early adopters

• Serves to both validate the market and to educate the consumer

• Campus recreation setting & fitness centers in close proximity

B-C Market Penetration

• Lightest, most portable product on the market

• Telluride Yoga Festival, July 2016

• Primarily online and through fitness centers


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