Since it's launch in 2010, the visually-centered social media app known as Instagram has gained enormous popularity, with over 300 million people using their app every month...

Timeless Time

Instagram allows users to view posts in a feed, from most to least recent

 So if a user doesn't use the app for a week, they can still view a picture a friend posted the same day that they stopped checking the app

Alternatively, if you check the app continuously, you can see a picture posted a few seconds ago.

This feature, which allows a user to view a post from a day, a week, or years ago, supports the phenomena of Timeless Time because users can view pictures asynchronously.


Any account can set their privacy settings to public or private. Either way, the main reason of this app is to reach out to many, whether you have 50 followers or 20 million

Although a lot of people use Instagram through personal accounts, it is also possible to have several contributors to one account, therefore making many to many communication possible.

Through the Direct Messaging feature, it is also possible to select a one specific individual to communicate to (one to one)

Death of Distance

Like many other social media apps, Instagram allows people from around the world to create an account and become active users. So if you're sitting at home right now reading this, you can check your favorite artist's latest post and see if they went to the Met Ball in New York or are sitting at the beach in Ibiza.

Network Structure

A common use for Instagram among users with a large follower base, is to make money through posting ads and posting hyperlinks to products. 

For example, if you go to Kylie Jenner's page, you'll notice several postings for a product called "FitTea"

You'll notice that the same products and companies pop up several time across different accounts

( A "fun" activity: see how many celeb postings of FitTea you can find)

Thanks for reading!!

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