Journalism about local sustainable development

Smart cities

Through a small documentary, we tryed to show one sustainable development solution about mobility  

Cycling in the city has many benefits:




Chain Development

Crianza de los alpacas en el altiplano, Puno, Peru

IDR, Instituto de Desarollo Rural de Juli


The NGO is trying to creat a cooperative that will allow farmers to weight in the decisions about prices and quality in the wool chain. 

Breeders are the poorest person in peruvian society.

By analyzing their ressources and improve their herd management they may find a way to improve their production.

Volontary work

Team spirit, open mind and adaptation

made the adobe house construction possible for 3 european volonteers and the Amantani community.

Learning ancestral skills and a village organization showed that some solutions are beyong what we can usualy learn

Fields of interest

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