My passion is cooking 


 I love it 

 It challenges me 

 I'm good at it 

What am i doing now 

 I high school i plan on going to Burton for culinary arts as long as possible and learning as as much as possible 

My intentions 

 I plan on majoring in culinary, and graduating and then going to France to practice underneath a professional chef and learn the culture and food. I would like to travel the world and learn the culture and food of authentic Italian, Japanese, and Mediterranean. Then I plan on going back to the US and open my own restaurant.    

I can travel the world 

I grew up in a home that would cook family meals 

 One of the things that my dad has taught me is sausage gravy and biscuits, I have been either cooking it or learning how to make it ever since i could remember. I now have this recipe committed to  heart and can make it just off of memory 

How it all started 

 I went to my grandmas house for Christmas about five years ago and helped her make a red velvet cake with Austria Waldorf icing, which is cooked icing. that was the moment that I realized that i wanted to become a chef.

Austria Waldorf icing 

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