Republic of Borneo

Became Independence by Dill Eisendrath


Top right: Sumatra Rhino

Top Left: Orangutan

Bottom Left: Snow Leopard

These three are popular creatures on this island and are needing protection in there homeland. 

Borneo's Map of Land

Borneo's Language 

Borneo will be multilingual, Bahasa Indonesian, Dutch, and English. 

All Three are the languages of the countries that were in control of Borneo.  

Major Landmarks 

From left to right. Mount Kinabalu the highest peak in Borneo at 13,435 feet. The Kapuas River, the longest river in Borneo is 710 miles long.

Major Landmarks (Continued)

From left to right. The bodies of water surrounding Borneo like Silawesi Sea and the Makassur Strait. The other image is of the Central Kalimantan.  

Borneo's  Economy 

Borneo economy will be focused on tourism/ecotourism, mining, and agriculture. Borneo is right on the equator. Thus it is a warm experience for people in colder climates. With wonderful wildlife it is a create destination for ecotourists. 

Thus there is create lush land for agriculture. There is many minerals and timber to sell (countries export). 

Borneo's Government

  • Direct Democracy 
  • Reduce corrupt governing
  • Every  person has power 

Governing Don'ts

      1.  No Autocracy
    • Power to the people not one person make all of the decisions 

    Borneo Society

    • Everyone helps the community
    • Socialist based
    • Everyone has equal power

    Borneo Relations

    •  United States- Financial gain based on American tourists and our main country we are exporting
    • Indonesia- Neighbors and hold an  alliance
    • Australia- Australians may travel to Borneo and have an alliance between each other
    • China- arch enemies because of there political actions including building other islands near our territory
    • Russia- Arch rival for there in our people's mind dictator and for their political actions 

    Bornean's Rights

    1. Freedom of Religion
    2. Freedom of the Press
    3.  Separation of  Church and State
    4. Freedom of Assembly 
    5. Freedom of Speech
    6. Freedom of Protest
    7. $13.00 minimum wage

    Borneo's Personal Expectations 

    1.  Each person pays 30% income tax 
    2. Each person is expected to vote each ballet
    3.  Any citizen that does not have at least $10,000 will have money provided by the government
    4. Each person that provides workers with pay over $20.00 will have their income tax dropped to 29% 

    Borneo's Immigrant Policy  

    Every immigrant will be welcomed with open arms. An appointed member will give each immigrant a mental health and background check. The national police department The Borneo Investigation Division representative will interview each immigrant. If they pass the tests they are welcomed to Borneo. If they don't they will be deported to their homeland. Anyone born in Borneo is a citizen. 

    Borneo Holiday's

    • Independence-Day 5/19
    • Labor Day-10/30
    • Peace Day-Every Day

    Borneo's Founding

    Borneo fought for independence from Indonesia and Malaysia. After winning the war we dissembled our military and removed all guns. The new country was formed. 

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