What Elias Jabbe can offer as JWT Newslab Digital Content Manager in Dubai

Cali Creativity: I know how to creatively use platforms made in my native California digital community

From Twitter to YouTube to Instagram and more: I explore diverse storytelling channels

Strong understanding of MENA cultures (including Francophone areas, thanks to French fluency)

Strong familiarity with MENA informed by work, study, life and travel experiences in: Gulf (KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman), Middle East (Jordan) and North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco)

I have an insatiable appetite for discovering how the industry works; my research is in GMR's recent issue:

Above all, I am human(e) and I care, just like your client. I have Cause Marketing experience at NGOs.

My CV is available at bitly.com/EliasJabbe-JWT and below. I can be reached at Hi@Elias213.com.

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Elias Jabbe NewsLab Digital Content Manager JWT Dubai

by elias213


Public - 2/17/16, 5:29 AM