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Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics originated from Greece in 1942.Today it is played all around the world. 

During a routine there is a limit of at least 3 people at once. 

In Artistic Gymnastics there are some rules.They must make up there own routine and be original.The music also must be at least  1 minute and 30 seconds long. 

the longest a routine can be is 90 seconds and the shortest it can be is 30 seconds.

During the routine you get judged.There is one judge that judges the difficulty.One judge that judges executation and one that judges how artsy it is.

The demention of the performance area is 1,200 

Some strategy's for the sport is to pick music that excites the crowd.Also you want to showcase the skills you are best at.And practice the routine as many times possible practice makes perfect.

there are some things that can get you disqualified. You cant have your hair down it has to be up out of your face and neat.Also no jewelry,make-up,hair glitter,or nail polish.there is absolutely no talking to the judges,flash photography,or food on the competition  floor.    

To do a floor routine you need a carpeted spring floor that is 21m by 12m. 

in Artistic gymnastics there are 10 levels.you can start competing in competitions at level 4 and go into the Olympics at level 10. 

When gymnastics first started it was only used Greece for military training.

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