My Job Shadow Experience

My job Shadow was on March 30th at Velocita Technology. My mentor's name is Kris Brandoline.

When I first arrived I waited five minutes for someone to arrive and open up the store. When someone did I entered and introduced myself. So when Kris arrived we exchanged greetings.

Who They Work With and What They Do

The first thing he told me about the job was about some of the companies they supply. Such as Silver Cross where they supplied them with almost all there electronic devices. They also don't only just fix and setup computer systems but also servers, back up files, and security camera systems.

Showing Me Around

Although Velocita looks small on the outside, it is actually quite large inside. The first area he showed me was the front where they showcase all the major laptops and other devices they have.

Then we walked over to the printer ink area, A wall full of printer ink. We entered the back and he showed me all the spare parts and components that they have in store. He showed where they keep the items that they fix and tweak. 

Asking Questions

When we finished he had showed me his working station. I asked him and another one of his employees a few questions. On their average work day they just tend to their specified areas. 

The main duties and responsibilities are to complete their work with full potential and to make sure that the customer is satisfied. By disrespecting others and not cooperating with other employees can result in being fired from the job.

Other Interesting Things

Velocita used to sponsor an in-house baseball team. They like to joke around a lot with each other. They do not sell Apple products and their main computer supplier is Lenovo. They don't just repair computers but also phones and they keep backup files for many company's.

Computer Repair Technician Info

Salary: $19,779- $46,639

Requirements: Minimal requirement is a high school diploma. Many employers prefer additional education. Such as bachelors or master degrees in related areas of work. Some require vendor-neutral or vendor-specific certifications.

Reflection on Job

I still find this job one of my top choices for when I am older. It offers a variety of challenges that will keep me interested. To be ready for those challenges i can practice on my own and take classes related to computer repair.

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