Humans And The Environment Making An Impact

By: Hailey Morris

Chernobyl Affects On The Enviroment

  1. On April 26, 1986, a faulty reactor caused the nuclear disaster, Chernobyl. 
  2. It caused radioactive materials to get into the air and spread to other countries
  3. For ten days radiation continued going into the air
  4. Thirty people died within the first three months after the accident
  5. There is still high levels of radiation there today
  6. Five million people still live in areas that are contaminated with radiation
  7. The radiation has caused children and animals to be born with deformities 

Chernobyl Video

Deforestation Affects On The Enviroment

  1. Forests are cut down mainly for money
  2. Logging and agriculture are main reasons for deforestation
  3. Some causes aren't from humans, like wildfires or over-grazing
  4. Deforestation impacts climate, if there aren't trees then the wet soil has no protection and will dry out
  5. There also is no canopy without trees, which helps contain the heat at night, this caused drastic temperature changes
  6. Trees also keep greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere if there aren't any trees then more will be able to enter the atmosphere

Deforestation Video

BP Oil Spill Affects On The Enviroment

  1. In 2010, about 4.9 million barrels of oil leaked into the gulf of mexico
  2. Happened because they were trying to save money by not having proper inspections, fewer workers, and faulty equipment
  3. Animals were impacted greatly
  4. It hurt seabirds- with oil on their wings they can't fly, turtles ended up stranded on beaches, dolphin deaths increased
  5. The chemicals in the oil are known to cause cancer in humans (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
  6. Fisheries were closed down and had to pass inspections to open back up 

BP Oil Spill Video

Hurricane Katrina 

  1. On August 29, 2005, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, as a category 3 hurricane
  2. The winds from the hurricane ranged from 100-140 miles per hour
  3. The population of New Orleans dropped by 50% 
  4. The average elevation of New Orleans is about six feet below sea level, so levees and sea walls were created to keep flooding down, but were not super reliable 
  5. Some people took shelter at the Super Dome in New Orleans and after the storm was over, they were stranded and in desperate need of supplies
  6. Homes and businesses were damaged and submerged in water
  7. The hurricane killed almost 2000 people
  8. Many people ended up stranded or missing afterwards
  9. 80% of the city of New Orleans was covered in water some way or another
  10. People are still trying to rebuild back their old lives today after being impacted by Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina Video

Ring Of Fire

  1. Most volcanoes occur in the pacific ocean, along the Ring Of Fire
  2. Horseshoe shape of 452 volcanoes running from the tip of South America to New Zealand (25,000 miles)
  3. Most volcanoes that are active in the Ring Of Fire are located on the western side
  4. One active volcano in the Ring Of Fire is Mount Ruapehu, it erupts yearly, but they are not major
  5. Another active volcano in the Ring Of Fire is Krakatoa, in Indonesia. It's eruptions are more damaging than Mount Ruapehu, but they aren't as often
  6. One of the more popular active volcanoes in the Ring Of Fire is Mount Fuji, in Japan. The last time it erupted was 1707, but recently there has been seismic activity, which could cause another eruption 

Ring Of Fire Video

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