By involving the parents of all students (especially emergent bilingual students) in the school, parents and teachers become partners in helping the student to achieve success in life

What are some ways in which schools and teachers can get parents of emergent bilingual students more involved?

Home Visits

By visiting students' homes, teachers can come to understand the worldviews of their emergent bilingual students

Encourage First Language Literacy

When students speak their first language at home through talking, reading and writing, communication is more natural and important language skills are built that leads to success in school

Parent Involvement in the Classroom

Ideas for involving parents:

  • Invite parents to read a book in their first language to the class
  • Create homework projects that involve parents
  • Invite parents to demonstrate a craft or skill to the class

By getting parents more involved in their children's education and incorporating their vast funds of cultural knowledge into the classroom, the potential for success in the child's life is greatly enhanced 

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Emergent Bilingual Parent Involvement

by sesavoie


Public - 8/8/16, 2:03 AM