Terrorist Attack on Brussels, Belgium

By- Emma Hall

Why this event is important- Video

Why this event should be in future textbooks

  • The same group who was responsible for 9/11 and the Paris attack, were also responsible for the Brussels bombings
  • The news of the bombings in Brussels was immediately sent to the U.S, which raised our terrorism threat levels
  • Now that terrorism is almost an everyday thing for the world, people in the future, who may or may not have terrorism, should be aware that our world was at a very bad, violent place during this time
    • Almost every month since November, there has been something in the news about either terrorism or violence going on somewhere in the world
  • Since I obviously can't see the future, I don't know whether or not our world in 200 years will still have as many terrorism attacks as the U.S, Paris, and Brussels combined has had
    • They should be educated on what was going on today so they can be reminded that the world has never truly had peace and that they need to be careful with the things they do
  • All the terrorism in our world will definitely raise how alert we are 

How this relates to ancient history

  • 476 BCE- Rome was destroyed by the Ostrogoths
    • There were many attacks and wars leading up to this, but in the end, the Roman Empire ended
  • Lately, in today's world, we have had many terrorists attacks and wars, that someday, it could possibly lead to the U.S, or another country, like Brussels, being destroyed
    • Yes, the U.S has a strong military, many weapons, and we help other countries like Brussels when they are in trouble, but little things add up
      • If terrorists continue attacking various countries in the world, it could possibly lead to the "fall of a country", just like what happened with Rome

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