By:Brandon Wallace

In March I had art class in school. My teacher wanted us to draw what was on the board, I started drawing once it shown on the board. The picture was cat catching a mouse.

I did a great job and put details.

It started when i first played a game called pac-man. I was 5 years old and I played the game every day. And that's when I started to like games

In may 8,2007 I was played against my brother and i lost to because he was cheating. I stopped playing pac-man and started to read and play on the computer with my baby sister.

In February 18,2008 i started to play soccer in my school named Ray K Daily. And i wanted to be good at when i was older 

Once January 2010 began I got my first play-station portable with it was dragon ball z at the end of 2010 my sister broke it.

At October 25,2011 I got my first dog and his name was jack and he was a German Shepherd  he died at June 4,2013

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