Characteristics Of Digitalization: Online Shopping

When an individual has the need of a certain product of any sort like: computer, clothes, video games, paintings or pretty much anything, they had to go and purchase the item at the store. But with the advancement of digitization people today can purchase almost anything online and have it delivered to their doorstep in couple days. This digitalization allows for the convenience of not having to go to the store, and also it gives you more options to choose from and ability to compare and read reviews of other customers. Of course the affects of online shopping don’t stop there, so next we are going to talk about some of the characteristics that online shopping has developed due to digitalization. 

Timeless Time

First one is a simple one to see, that would be the so called “timeless time”, which means “social practice that aims at negating sequence to install ourselves in perennial simultaneity and simultaneous ubiquity”. How does that apply to online shopping? Well its simple you don’t have to worry about the store closing and being unable to purchase the products you want. With online shopping we have the ability to purchase the products we want at any time that is convenient for us. Also we can research the items and make a more inform decision with the ability to look at the product at any time and compare different products, again this can be done virtually at any time of the day. 

Economy Of Scale

 Another important characteristic of online shopping is economy of scale. This is one of the major reasons why most companies offer their products online now a days. Because it cost a certain amount of money to set up a website from which the customers to purchase their goods, but that cost is very small compared to having to rent space for a store and also paying employs. Therefore online shopping is not only more effective for the customers, but also for the companies. Companies can sell much more of their product online while spending less or nothing on marginal costs.


Lastly, one characteristic that online shopping can not operate without is algorithmification. By using algorithms online shopping is possible to be so efficient in the way that is today. Algorithms receive the orders, since there are no employers someone else has to do the job. Those algorithms send back confirmation emails and prepare all the necessary shipping information for the employer to simply put the product in a shipping package and send it on its way to the customers on the next business day. Another very important task of the algorithms is to suggest to the customers similar products that they might want, or complimentary products to the ones they have already purchased. That is a clever way to make you spend more than you had panned on originally. Just in case you have forgotten about the company, they also at times automatically sign you up to automatic promotional emails, which are again send by algorithms to remind you of the great products they offer.  But online shopping algorithms don't stop there, have a look at this video where they talk about more specifically about Amazon algorithms.

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