Marian and the Female Body

Traditional heterosexual ritual space: courtship




Marian's Body

“In the regime of institutionalized heterosexuality woman must make herself ‘object and prey’ for the man” (140).

--Sandra Lee Bartky 

Trapped in the 1960s

“[W]hether we look at hysteria, agoraphobia, or anorexia, we find the body of the sufferer deeply inscribed with an ideological construction of femininity emblematic of the period in question” (93).

--Susan Bordo 

"Why can't you ever cook anything?"  

"He attacked the bride, accusing her of being predatory and malicious."

"The trouble with you is, you're just rejecting your femininity." 

"I could see myself, small and oval, mirrored in his eyes."

Women's Bodies as Targets

Horizontal Hostility: "When girls and women police other girls and women" (Launius and Hassel 45).  

Betty Grable hairdo

motherly-looking women 

toad-like and sluggish 

six eyes [that] [glitter] in the mirrors   

The womb "as a metonym for the entire female body"

"A pregnant woman is divested of ownership of her body, as if to reassert in some primitive way her functional service to the species--she ceases to be an individual defined through recourse to rights of privacy, and becomes a biological spectacle" (80).

Anne Balsamo from Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women

Duncan (Marion's doppelganger?)

"He was cadaverously thin; he had no shirt on, and the ribs stuck out like those of an emaciated figure in a medieval woodcut.  The skin stretched over them was nearly colourless" (Atwood 47).  

The Cake-Woman

"She made a smiling lush-lipped pink mouth and pink shoes to match." 

"The hair . . . involved masses of intricate baroque scrolls and swirls, piled high on the head and spilling down over the shoulders." 

"Now the woman looked like an elegant antique china figure." 

"You look delicious. Very appetizing. And that's what will happen to you; that's what you get for being food." 

From Body to State of Mind

"The sexual objectification of woman produces a duality in feminine consciousness. What occurs is not just the splitting of a person into mind and body but the splitting of the self into a number of personae, some who witness and some who are witnessed."

                          --Sandra Bartky

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Eating the Cake-Woman

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