Provide any medical test hassle !


Social security: a blood test is related to a medical prescription

other tests may be done 

Transparency of medical procedure: nobody knows the price of medical procedure, no prevention

Scattering of medical results: any place for theme 



A responsive platform where patients will found labs that meets their needs for:

To book a lab test

To book a non-prescribed blood test

To collect their results in real time on mobile app

maybe also:

To be assit in the description of results(IA)

Market Validation

3700: Labs within France

60: Average patients records/day/labs

Any booking support 

Blood test Product

-Search by category (food intolerance, pathology, STD)

-Review listings of pain/kindness/waiting) 

-Book blood test (home or on site)

-Pay the blood test or scan your medical prescription

Business Model

 3€ by home shot maked by  laboratory technician

Monthly lab subscription (hospital,independent lab)

Aid for description results (live streaming)

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