Welcome to Japan!

A Global Learning Project.

Global learning is a way of integrating the learning of different cultures and societies in the educational system as a way of being exposed to new and different things.

As you can see Japanese students play a lot of the same sports that are very common and popular here in the US.

Japan does have a few sports that are common to its nation that are very uncommon in our educational system here.

Here in the US gymnastics is fairly popular but there is not as much emphasis put on Rhythmic gymnastics with objects such as ribbon, ball, ring, etc...

They also practice Japanese fencing, which they call "Kendo."

During competition they must wear armor, called "Bogu."

Here are some students who are participating in a Judo competition.

The also have days where the whole day is spent playing different sport games against the whole school.

Be sure to show good "Netiquette" which means internet etiquette.
  • Remember the people on the other end are human, not fake
  • Be on good behavior
  • Respect other people's time
  • Be presentable
  • Share good and helpful knowledge

Skype call with a classroom from Japan.

Kahoot quiz time!!!!!

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Global Learning: Japan

by greatdane89


Public - 4/8/16, 1:36 PM