Track and Field in Jamaica By: Stephen McKee

Track and field originated in Greece 776 B.C. Athletes (only men) competed for a laurel crown. In the early days the Greeks ran the track without clothing.

It is a sport that includes mostly running events such as the hurdles, rely races, marathons, and 100 m dash. Usain Bolt is a world record holding three time gold medalist from Jamaica. 

You can not cross the starting line until the starting gun fires. No grip tape or foreign material on your baton are aloud in relay races. In shot put if you cross the line you are disqualified. 

Some major penalties: False start, performance improving drugs. A good strategy is to run fast. 

There is no scoring. You can win by going the fastest or farthest. The game lasts as long as it takes for everyone to finish.

Some equipment include: A baton, a shot put. Usually there is only one player at a time. 

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Track and Field in Jamaica

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