Where Did the Sport Originate and What Year ?

The Original Name for Hockey in Russia Was Called ''Bandy'' That Was Around The 1980's

How Is The Sport Played ? Also What Are The General Rules

There are 5 lines on the ice,2 goal lines one at each end of the ice .The Goal Lines At each end of the ice is the Goal to put The Hockey puck to earn Your Team 1 Point.

For Equipment A player Needs Skates A Helmet With either a cage or a visor,Mouth Guard ,Shoulder Pads,Elbow pads,Hockey Gloves,Hockey Pants,Athletic Supporter as in a cup or a Jock Strap,Shin Pads,Hockey Socks , A Jersey And a Hockey Stick

How many players are involved in the sport at a time during the game ?

There Are 5 players on each team and also 1 goalie for each team for a total of 12 players on the ice at once.

What Is the length of the game ?

The Average length of a hockey game is two hours and twenty minutes.

How does the scoring come into the game ?

The Scoring is decided by how many pucks go in a net and by assists by other players.

What Is the field Dimensions of play for the Sport ?

200 foot long by 85 feet wide.

What is the Basic strategy (tactics) of the Game ?

What are the Major Penalties/Fouls of the game ?

What type of equipment is  used for the Sport ?

What Types of Leagues exist for the sport ? 

How has the sport Changed From its Origination ? Changes in Rules ,Field Size, Equipment etc.)?

"History of Russian Hockey – Part 1." Russkiy Hockey. N.p., 07 Oct. 2009. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.

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