Squash is played in a four walled court. played with a small,hollow rubber ball.

Squash is played with two or four people in doubles.

These racquets also have to be no more than 68.8 centimeters in length and 21.5 centimeters wide, weighing no more than 255 grams. Additionally, the area of the strings can only be 500 centimeter square or less.

A match is the best of 3 or 5 games.

Each game is played to 11 points. The player who scores 11 points first wins the game except that if the score reaches 10-all, the game continues until one player leads by two points. 



Front Wall 

Back Wall 

Side Walls 


playing with tall people.

This has led over the years frequently to the imposition of different penalties (or ... The achievement of such consistency will greatly benefit the sport of squash.

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