The Life Of Pierre(Fabio)

Who am I?

My birth date is December 28 ,2002. I am a smart,funny,careful weird person.I like playing my video games such as NBA2k16  and Madden 16.I don't like when people ignore me for something small.My friends and family are very helpful and supportive when i'm doing something like making a decision.

The things essential to me

There are many things essential things to me.Those things are my ps3,sister,mom,picture of mom and dad, and my big brother.My ps3 is important because that is the last thing my mom gave me.My sister is essential to me because she took me in when my mom went to jail.My mom is significant to me  because she always put my hopes up in good or bad.My picture of my mom and dad is important because it's the only picture i have of them together before they separated.My two brothers are something key to me because they always look out for me.

Baby Pictures

Important Occasions

The important events that are important to me are when my parents seperated,uncle died,I went to Honduras,death experience,and dad took me to new york.

What will i do?

There are many things I want to do to make our world a better place for whomever.The main thing I want to do is start an association that helps those in needs.

What I want to do?

When I grow up I want to be a mathematical engineer.I would want to donate money to charity for kids and adults that have anything wrong with them.

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