Iguana Yatch 

Have you ever dreamt to be on the ground with a boat ? It’s now possible 


Iguana Yatch

French boat’s brand

• Created in 2008 by Antoine Brugidou

• Boat on which can roll on the ground

• Tracked system

• The first boast has been finished in 2011.

•The production is located in the Manche 

Differents models 




If you want the most simple luxurious amphiby 

•his power

• his quality 

• his design

• Effective elegance

 People who like speed and elegance will love it 

• to go everywhere you want

•to do your water sport like kite surfing

• his robustness and  performances

•Devoted to your comfort  •Equippe to endure the most unforgiving conditions


I -The environment of Iguana Yatch group


II - Detailed explication of the product

III - Iguana 29's strong points 


The market : 

• Homogenous, low number of applicants

• Price : minimum 250 000€

• Small market 

Target population 

 • Very rich people

• the boss of Google or a Qatari pince have bought one of these boats


• Important demand.

• The buyer must flash on the product for buying it. 

Indirect competitors

Indirectly :  all motorboats  - Zodiac

                                                        - Benneteau,

                                                 - Lagoon,

                                           -  Shark

But the specificity of this yacht permit him to reach an other population.


Direct competitors

• Many concept boat or amphibian boat on the market 

• No one has the same level of luxury  

• The most qualitative 

II - Detailed explication of the product

• Creation : 2008 

• After 4 years of work: first boat presented in 2011

• 2013 : first series model

Why you should buy this boat than another? 

 • Price is between 250 000 and 500 000 €

• Non-extravagant design

• You can create your own boat

III - Iguana 29's strong points

• With the most technologies 

• Simple designed mechanism and very resistant

• Few maintenances with simple operations

• 2 years guarantee

• Huge longevity 

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