The story of my life

About Me

-My Name Is Alizae Brianna Cazares

-My b-day is may 06,2003

-My race is Hispanic

-My gender is female

- My age is 13

what is important to me 

my 8th birthday 

Trip to Florida

i started to walk 

my birth


what in my life that important 

Austin TX

grandparent death



growing up



what will i do

When i go to 8th grade i want to be a better person and hang out with good people.i want to pass all my class next year so i can go to highschool next year .

what was important to me this year 

my parent getting a divorce -

my dad was cheating on my mom on her birthday .i told him talk to us about but he didn't want to .so i told him  to look for her  so i can go talk to her well she wasn't there  she was  with my dad working with him. my mom was stressing all day everyday she lost so much wight because of what my dad did  to her it was hard for all of us he was the worst person because he did it on my mom birthday he is still working and dating that girl since September 26,2015 to now but now my mom and us are happy .

Trip to florida 

we went to Florida and had  good time we went to lots of place over there and there is lots of clear water there and we had a great time there .we went on this boat that u are wearing a parachute and when the boat started you fly in the sky .


My family always makes me happy when i'm sad they  make me laugh and that's  why they are important to mebecause they make me happy everyday 24/7.

my first word was -

as a baby would always ask my mom for Cheetos and she always would ask me if i wanted Cheetos and then Cheetos was my first word .

The end 

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