Techno culture: genuine culture or simple entertainment? ? 

End of the mythic londonian club after 2 men died 

Huge debate : is nightlife a part of city culture? 

And even a political debate 

Are cities suffering from gentrification ? 

Or is it a real problem for the neighbourhood  and public health ? 

At the beginning ...

...techno culture was everything but a culture

A place where social codes were abolished

In the 90's , techno has become a phenomena

And DJ's turn into Superstar

$9 Billion generated by Nightlife in NYC 

€2,4 Billion in Paris 

And now the nightlife is an economy 

Meanwhile in Berlin ... 

Berghain : officially a cultural place

Berghain embodies the techno state of mind 

The nightlife in Amsterdam

It's not just about party anymore

Mirik Milan, Amsterdam's night's mayor 

Even in France , techno events are taken as a genuine culture

Techno Parade in Paris shows the democratization

Another way to listen techno 

To your mind, to what extend are techno and electronic musics a real culture such as Operas ? 

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Pecha Kucha

by coline93


Public - 10/19/16, 3:29 PM