Top 5 Medications

  • Demeclocyline - Declomycin
  • Doxycycline - Vibramycin
  • Minocycline - Minocin
  • Oxytetracycline - Terramycin
  • Tetracycline - Sumycin

Drug Form

  • Tablets
  • Injections
  • IV's

Mechanism of Action

Tetracycline passively diffuses through porin channels in the bacterial membrane and reversibly binds to the 30S ribosomal subunit, preventing binding of tRNA to the mRNA-ribosome complex, and thus interfering with protein synthesis.

Site of Action

Tetracycline medications are mainly absorbed by the GI tract.

Adverse Effects

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin Rashes

Drug Interactions

  • Taking with birth control pills results in less effectiveness of birth control pills
      •  The following make tetracyclines less effective
  • Calcium supplements
  • Iron Products
  • Laxatives with magnesium
  • Antacids

Pregnancy Category

Tetracyclines fall under Pregnancy Category D.

Homeopathic Remedies

  • Hepar Sulph
  • Silica
  • Sulfur

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