Sweden Biathlon

Presley Pryce

It started in Norwegian for a alternative training, it was first called military patrol.

It's a combination of cross country, skiing, and rifle shooting. It's considered a race. You need all of this to enter the race you need boots, harness to carry the rifle, ski suit, and ski poles. In Olympic sports they have up to 38 athletes compete,in a competition, not at the same time though I believe that at least 5 compete in one race.  The field dimension is about 6 to 20 km. The shooting distance is always 50 m.

When you get a penalty shot you have to complete a 150 m penalty lap which affects your time which decreases your scores. The length of the of the game is 12.5 for men and 10 km for the women. The penalties in this game is for each missed target you do a penalty run that puts one minute on your skiing time in biathlon. The rules of this game is mostly just about the shooting if you miss you do a penalty lap.

Equipment for this game is ski poles, a ski, and a rifle. Biathlon changed dramatically over the years from inaugural Olympic showing of the sport's present day version. The field and other equipment have never changed. Biathlon has a world cup game, and with the highest overall total score that team wins. Some of the events for world cup is Ostersund, Hochfilzon, Pokjuka, Ruhpolding, Antholz,  Canmore, Presque Isle, and Khanty-Mansiysk. This sport includes skiing with long distances with occasional stops to shoot at targets.

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