The education of islam

in 21st century


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Department of information technology

The word ‘Iqra’ literally means to ‘read’ or ‘recite’.

The object of this proclamation is understood to be the message of Islam,but in a more general sense, whenever one begins thinking about education, and its relation to the deen of Islam, it is this verse which springs to mind

Aims of Education

‘the main aim in the secondary schools, and in the University,

is to qualify the student to be good da’iah; a good caller to [the path of] Allah’,

adding that ‘knowledge is not just for passing exams,

it is to develop the person to be[come] a good man,

a good Muslim, so that after that, they can pass the message to the others’

Sheikh Muhammad al-Abbasy

He is a senior lecturer and Professor in Madinah University

Changes of education in 21st century

As the age in which people use computers

but they unconsciously that using the computer

Everything is working on a digital system

The relationship between the individual

is in the form of virtual relationships

The important concept to learn and purpose of Islamic education in the 21st century

Islamic education must be the education to the way of life

 balance and completely

Islamic Education must make more faith

The education must develop communication skills

in a multicultural

The education must integrate information technology

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