William Shakespeare


  • The Lost Years:
  • 23 April 1564; born in Stradford Upon Avon to quotidian tanner family
  • 1571; Entry into New King's  Grammar School at the age of seven
  • 1582; matrimony with Anne Hathaway, who was seven yrs. his senior
  • 1583; birth of Susanna, Shakespeare's first born
  • 1585; birth of twins: Judith & Hamnet
  • April 1611; death of the bard

 commencement of theatre career:

  • 1585; accession to company of actors
    • -1592; production of Henry VI
    •  & repudiation by Robert Greene an acclaimed author at the time
  • 1593; perforce closure of the theatres as a corollary of the bubonic plague contagion
  • 1599; extolled by literary critic Francis Meres
  • construction of The Globe Theatre during the same year
  • 1603; Bereavement of Queen Elizabeth dawning of Jacobian Era
  • 1609; promulgation of Shakespearean sonnets
  • composition of final plays

early Works

  • Henry VI
  • Venus & Adonis
  • The Rape of Lucrece
  • Death of Hamnet
  • Hamlet
  • Henry VIII
  • Two Noble Kinsmen


• subtly challenged the ecclesiastical intolerance that characterized the Stuart era.

• raft of biblical allusions (approx. 91.7 per play)

• pithy vocabulary

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