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24BEDS.COM - Property Management System

24BEDS is a One Stop Solution for Hospitality Management needs in Hotels, Hostels, Motels, Lodge, Service Apartments, Bed & Breakfast & other Accomodation Providers

Room Status

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System

Shows / Manages / Helps

Supports Single / Multiple Properties.

Manage All Operations from a Single Dashboard.

Property can operate with any Currency (INR, US$ etc).

Easy Accessibility & Flexibility / Control.

Dynamic Rights Assignment / Management by property administrator / Owner.

Online Help Everywhere, Responsive Template.


24BEDS.COM - Property Management System

Shows / Manages / Helps

Rooms Layout & User defined Status Colors.

Time Saving & Less Paper Work.

Effective us of Manpower & Time.

Reduce Operational Costs.

Improve Customer Care & Service.

Manage Complaints / Tasks & Delegate.

Items Inventory, Short Keys for Easy Access.

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System

Shows / Manages / Helps  

AnyTime Room Status, Financials & Outstandings.

Shift Handling & Money Management.

Less / No Manual Registers.

No Expensive Hardware Required.

No Software to Install or Upgrade.

AnyTime, AnyWhere access through Browser.

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System

Shows / Manages / Helps  

Server Maintenance, Database Backups at frequent intervals.

Your Work is always Backed up - No Risk of Losing Data.

Free Upgrades - Constantly Innovating, Online Support.

You Own and Control your Data Telephone Support, Training.

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System


Rooms – Category, Type, Tariff / Special Tariff, Duration, Allotment Order, Status Color, Layout, Lost & Found Items.

Tax Types, Additional Services, Taxes & Inventory, Arrival Mode, Purpose of Visit, Lead Mode, Lead Discount, ID Proof.

Customers, Company, Employee, Department, User / User Group & Rights.

Reservations, Arrivals / CheckIn (also Bulk), Cancellations & Departures / CheckOut,

Block / Change Rooms, Additional Services, Tasks / Complaints, Items Inventory, Discounts / Extra Charges.

Advance, Outstanding Receipts / Payments (also bulk), ShiftWise / UserWise accounts.

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System


Arrivals / Departures, Tariff, Tax, Discount, Room Allotted / Vacated by, User Transactions / Log.

Tariff Summary, Accounting / Bills, Outstandings, Lead wise Bills, Inventory and Discount / Extra Charges.

Registration / ID Card Form – QR Code Printing, C-Form, Receipts / Payments, Bills, Statutory Reports.

All Master Reports, Special Tariff, Room Inventory.

Id Proof, Arrivals – Location wise, Lead wise, Mode wise, Purpose wise.


24BEDS.COM - Property Management System


Guests photo / ID Proof captured through Webcam. ID Cards printed with Bar/QR Code.

Rooms bookable online or Not. Room Allotment Order / Cancellation – Automatically or Manual, Automatic Inventory, Laundry, Attendance, Detailed Housekeeping, Financial Accounts, Unlimited POS, Automatic Website Generator, Booking Button.

Black Listing of Customer / Guest ( if they caused any problems).

Supports 24 Hours / 12 Hours Check In / Out. Flexible In / Out Time. Cushion Time for CheckIn / CheckOut.

Supports Multiple Tariff for Rooms – Yearly / Monthly / Weekly / Daily / Hourly too & Special Tariff for Period / Day / Month / Season.

Advance Receipt Title, Message, Note, Running Advance Receipt No / Same for all receipts. Decimal Correction.

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System


Reservation Message, Payment Title, Display Paid Details in Receipt / Bill or Not.

Receipt / Bill Print Immediately or after Entries. Offline printing of Receipts / Bills.

Transaction Details available on every Module (Check In / Check Out / Advance etc).

Bill Title, Bill Message, Bill Note, Same or Separate bill for Additional Services.

Print Total Bill / Room wise Bill (Settings).

Tariff details can be sent to Customer / Guest through email.

Reservations enabled through web portal & sister sites & affiliates automatically (** reservation charges apply)

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System


Statistics send by Email Twice a Day. AnyTime Anywhere Access through Browser

Front Office - Overall Statistics & Operation EaseCharts & Statistics - Room Data Presented in Color for Ease of Understanding

24BEDS.COM - Property Management System


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