Government Review

What is a right?

It is a protection you have that cannot be taken away.

Example- You have the right to feel safe in school

What is a responsibility?

It is a job or something you should do.

Example- You have the responsibility to follow school and class rules

American Rights

As Americans we have 4 important rights:

1. Life

2. Liberty (enjoy freedom)

3. The pursuit of happiness (work towards goals)

4. Equality under the law (treated fairly by government)

Rules and Laws

We have rules and laws to keep us safe, protect our property, and make things fair.

Rules can be made by a community, parents, or even kids! (Example- Keep your hands and feet to yourself)

Laws are created by the government. (Example- When driving, stop at red traffic lights.)

Rule or Law?

Purpose of Government

The U.S. Constitution is the highest law. It explains how our government should be run to protect our rights and property.

Our government has three important jobs:

1. The Government makes laws

2. The Government carries out laws

3. The Government enforces laws (decides if laws have been broken) 

Ways to Serve

In our community:

1. Volunteer

2. Donate

3. Community projects

In our state:

1. Serve as a government official 

2. Vote

In our country:

1. Serve as a government official

2. Vote

3. Join the military


Diversity= Different

As Americans we celebrate the fact that people are different in many ways- age, ethnic origins, gender, language, religion

People enjoy different food, clothing, and music!

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Government Review

by jncampbell


Public - 9/18/16, 8:37 PM