How Many Kicks in a 40 Minute Swim?

Anonymous: So how many kicks and strokes do you do overall in swimming?

Me: Hmmm........, I've never wondered about that. Let me find out.

Explanation of Situation and Steps to Solve

I need to find out how many kicks and strokes I do in a 40 minute swim. Here are the steps I could take to solve this problem.

Swim , count, and record.

Do the math while simplifying the number of kicks and strokes.

In order to evolve the problem, many operations have to be done. First I could actually swim, to figure out the kicks. There are many types of strokes I do, so the kicks should be valued differently. I do freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke(only kick). I also do many strokes along with the kicks. For each freestyle and backstroke 8 kicks I do 1 stroke. For butterfly as you move your legs together it counts as 1 kick. I do 1 stroke per each. I also do 1 stroke per kick for breaststroke.

Freestyle- 8 kicks=1 stroke

Backstroke-8 kicks=1 stroke

Breaststroke- 1=1

Butterfly- 1=1

Freestyle, Backstroke kick only- only kicks


Number of Kicks

Total Kicks



Breast Stroke=227


Freestyle Kick only=358

Backstroke kick only=360

Figuring Out the Number of Strokes

To know the number of strokes I do, I have to divide the total number of kicks by the number of kicks per stroke. 

  • Freestyle= 160+ 154+137+156/8=76
  • Backstroke=161+153+153+139/8=76
  • Breaststroke=54+42+39+37+55/1=227
  • Butterfly Stroke=37+36+45+43+43/1=204
  • Freestyle kick only=0 
  • Backstroke kick only=0

  • 204

The Total




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