Make-Up Meets YouTube

This is the story of how digitization changed


Amber loved everything about the make-up industry. She loved doing make- up on her friends and herself. She started to make small Snapchat videos while doing make up on her friends. Her friends started to ask her how to do certain make-up techniques. So she started a YouTube channel and her life revolutionized


YouTube is a website designed for people to upload and share videos . The website also allows users to subscribe to other users,  rate or comment on content viewed.


* Allowing users to select what and who

gets exposed to the information *

At first Amber was reluctant to add make-up video content online because her parents would not approve of this hobby...

Any content added on YouTube is by default set to "public" which means anyone can view the videos.

However, users have the option of changing the privacy view of the content.

So Amber was able to add her make-up tutorial videos and only allow her friends who follow her to view them.


Not only did Amber want to share content with her friends but she also wanted her friend's feedback and which content was popular

Luckily, YouTube uses polydirectionality communication, allowing users to communicate in a variety of different ways

1.One to One:  Amber's friends can like her videos

2. One to Many: Amber has the option of allowing everyone on YouTube to view her videos

3. Many to One: Amber's friends can all comment on the same video

4. Many to Many:  Amber and her friends can start a discussion on a particular content she posted




There are two ways to use digitization ;synchronously or asynchronously.

synchronously means that the content is real time such as a Skype phone.

Asynchronously means that the content be viewed at any time. Ex: being able to take this online class and watch the videos at your leisure.

This was very important to Amber because she is a busy college student with a full-time job. She can upload the video at 1 am and her friends are able to view/like/rank at any their convenience.

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