Rise of pop music video


  • Films called "soundies" which are made by musicans such as Big Joe Turner and Nat King Cole in the USA
  • Made cheaply and quickly to cash in on the latest fashion.
  • Played on a panaram, coin operated film jukebox in a nightclub usually.


  • A new target audience was discovered and music was revolved around teenager this was a whole new market.
  • Rock around the clock is what started it off.


  • First American music video released 
  • Which was Elvis Presley's: Jailhouse rock thats an example of Richard Dier's theory of star appeal. 
  • The music video is performance based as they are pretending to play instruments which suspends reality 


  • Beatles film of 'A Hard Days Night' which became a template for other artists.
  • Which is a mix of songs including sequences featuring jumpcut editing.
  • Beatles started to change to promotional clips to sell records in America


  • Queen made the first music video as we know the genre now.
  • Which lasted over 6 minutes.
  • was called "masterpiece and memorable" for people who watched in on top of the pops.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody was made up of 3 parts and the footage matched music


  • Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie was the most expensive music video at $582,000 which in the current economic state would be $1,671,437.


  • MTV was launched.
  • Showing only music videos, less that 200 were available to play.
  • The first video played was 'video killed the radio star'


  • A film style music video came about with 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson


  • YouTube was founded and rapidly became a site for amateur and professional musicians to launch their own material.
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