Weightlifting started in the 1800s, in Germany. In Weightlifting you bring the weights to your chest and then raise them above your head. The rule is the barbell is lifted from the floor to over the head in one continuous, clean movement. There are 2 players at a time in the game. In weightlifting, you  don't time yourself how long you can keep it up, you lift the weights in 5 quick moves, and see how long you can do it for. 

Each athlete is allowed three attempts. If the lift is successful the referee hits a white button and white lights is turned on, indicting the lift is successful. In Turkey the field dimension is 56-62 kg. 5 strategy's for weightlifting is don't pre-exhust. the second one is increase your weights and sets every week. The third one is deload every 5th or 6th week. The forth one is train with high volumes when gaining or losing weight. The last one is preform a low-volume phase every 3 to 4 months.

A major penalty in weightlifting is taking drugs to make you be stronger. In weightlifting you use weights, a barbell, collar, disc, and sleeve. There are professional, amateur, international competition, and Olympic games. Back in 1950s the majority of weightlifters learned to lift on their own or with other weightlifters. Now a days we have coaches that help people train.






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