Asperger's Syndrome

~Jessica Ludemann 




constantly moving

wanting to be alone


inability to move your body correctly

anxious/awkward in social situations

sensitive to different stimulates

trouble making eye contact

trouble with emotions

inability to recognize peoples emotions by body language

only interested in one or a couple of topics, and talks about those topics all the time

talks to him/herself

trouble coping with change (even slight things like what food they eat for certain meals)


Must be tested by a doctor
psychologist (diagnoses and treats problems with emotions and behavior)

pediatric neurologist (treats conditions with the brain)

developmental pediatrician (specializes in speech, language, and other developmental issues)

psychiatrist (can prescribe medicine) 


Social skills training

speech-language therapy

cognitive behavior therapy

applied behavior analysis (encourages good behavior, discourages bad behavior)

medicine (none approved by FDA specifically for ad, but can help with related symptoms)





can be misdiagnosed as ADHD


It depends on: IQ, upbringing, how severe their symptoms are, support systems, and the way they communicate

If they have a high IQ, have a lot of support, they communicate well, and their symptoms aren't as severe they could lead a normal life

If it is exactly the opposite then they may have to live with a relative or in a group home


More prevalent in guys than girls

Case Study

11 year old male

teased so his mom brought him in

articulate in his attitude towards others

average intelligence

hearing him speak of favorite topics suggests extremely bright

surrounded by imaginary people

has 22 outfits representing people of great power

wears a suit and tie at other times

watches video of Poland over and over again

isolates himself

afraid to go out fearing to be attacked

when angry or mad mocks hanging himself

has said on occasion he would be better off dead

tense and unable to relax while talking

staccato speech

sinister facial expression

penetrating stare

diagnosed with autism

now finished first year of secondary school

still getting bullying

getting therapy

Famous people

Charles Schulz (peanuts cartoon)

Jamie Hyneman (mythbusters)

Jim Henson (muppets) 

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