Fiction literary terms

Theme- An underlying message about life, or human nature that a writer wants the reader to understand

Plot- The sequence of events in a story ( 5 stages)

Setting- Time and place of the action and where it takes place

Characterization- The way a writer creates and develops characters personalities 

Irony- A contrast between appearance and reality, usually one in which it's the opposite of what it seems

Tone- The attitude a writer takes toward a subject may be described as a single words 

Ex: serious, humorous, formal,informal

Mood- The feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for the reader

Point of View- Refers to the method of narration, first person, third person , third person limited and third person omniscient

Narrator- The character or voice that relates the story's events to the reader

Symbolism- The use of symbols to represent ideas or quality's  

Satire- A literary technique in which ideas, customs,behaviors or institutions are ridiculed for the purpose of improving society

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