Spring Industrial

Trituracion Hidroelectrica Santa Barbara Honduras

we have a problem in the production of gravel and sand taht we are providing to the hidroelctric cosntruccion com`pany who hired us

we havent solved it because we dont have all the money to purchase the machine that is bigger and additional for the production of our product

our solution is to purchase a secondary symmons s36 cone crusher is used, is in honduras and it cost $100,000 usd as well we need 2 to 3 more dump trucks to delivered the material and it takes $50,000 usd more, the total amount is $150,000

Our product is gravel and sand, for making concrete for the construction of the hidroelectric plant in hoduras, we already have the contract and all machines necesary to acomplished the contract

the company who hired us is CONCASA (CONCRETOS DEL CARIBE SA DE CV) they have already make test to our product and have passed the quality acceptance that they have. 

We have already start to providing them material we have already deliverd 400m3 to the project, and the total amount is 40,000M3

since we have already the contract that is our secret as well that the regions they are building the hidroelectric plant, we are already located in that place.

our contract is for 40,000M3 for a price of $16 usd each is a total of $640,000 usd the total value of the contract.

we sell each m3 for $16 usd, our production cost is of $8.3 to $8.7 wich give us a profit of $7.3 to $7.7 usd for 40,000m3 our total contract profit woul be of $292,000USD

here is our story so far we have a construction company as well as a baby cloth making company both of them are spring Industrial Manufacturas S. de R.L de CV, this is a family company who was founded by my parents and we have got it, (4 brothers) 2 of us are civil engineer, who are working with the company.

in 2015 we sign in the contract to provide agregates sand and gravel to the hidroelectric plant builders.

Here is our plan for the project

we will produce between 180m3-220m3 we will take between 6-7 months to finished with this project + 25% of any problem that may happen, will be beetwen 7-9 months we will have a revenue of $74,880 usd per month - $40,176 of costs of production = $34,704 of profit wich we will use to pay you guys the investment. wich the price is already been taken in the production costs - 

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spring industrial

by manuvonbraun


Public - 4/18/16, 4:24 PM