Basic Facts

•Neptune's mass is 1.02 x 26kg And Earths mass is 10 kg

•Neptunes is 15,299 miles and Earth is only 3,959

•It takes 164.79 years for Neptune to rotate once😐

It takes Neptune 164.79 years to orbit the sun aswell

Inside Neptune

• The average temputure is 73 k(or -200 Celsius)

•The sloar system contains methane,water,ammonia, and other ices but Neptune has a larger proportion of larger ices.

The Best Neptune Image & Hubble image

Why did i choose this planet?

Blue is my favorite color, and Neptune is my favorite god.

How many spacecrafts have visited Neptune?

1 Spacecraft so far have visited Neptune, Voyager 2

Voyager 2

Voyager 2 flew by Neptune in August 25, 1989


•Almost anything that included Neptune was in August

•Neptune is the fourth largest planet •The blue color of the planet is due to the absorption of red light by methane in the atmosphere. 

4 Additional Facts 

•The planet is so far away it took the Voyager 2 two whole years to get to neptune. •One Neptune day is equal to 16 hours in earth time. 

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