Sports Analyst

By: Jacob Brooks

Sports Analyst Description

Sports Analysts provide discussion of sports topics before, during, and after games. They provide statistics of players and teams, and other information about games.

School I want to go to.

The school I want to go to for a sports analyst is Appalachian State University. I want to go to ASU because they offer broadcast journalism and is very close to home.

Standard Course of Study

 Thinking Through Communication,  Fundamentals of Electronic Media, Public Speaking in the Disciplines, Argumentation and Advocacy, Introduction to Nonverbal Communication, Online Public Discourse, Speech Activity, Interpersonal Communication,  Intercultural Communication, Health Communication, Communication Theory, Introduction to Rhetorical Theory, Introduction to Mass Communications, Mass Communication Activity, Audio Production I, Video Production I, Independent Study,  Introduction to Journalism, News Reporting and Writing, Broadcast Newswriting,  Introduction to Media Publishing,  Foundations of Advertising,  Media Graphics, Interviewing Methods,  Small Group Communication , Environmental, Communicating Coal in Appalachia, Rhetoric and Religious Discourse,  Minorities in Media, Health Communication in Interpersonal Settings, Health and Mass Media,  Gender Communication, Communication in Organizations, Persuasion, Organizational Communication Simulation, Internet Communication, Copy Editing, Professional Ethics in Public Relations, Mass Media and Society, Writing for the Electronic Media, Copywriting for Advertising,  Communication Law,  Audio Production II, Conflict Management, Crisis Communication, Professional Ethics in Electronic Media, Advanced Media Analysis, Political Communication, Television Studio Production, Social Media Strategies, Public Relations Principles,  Audio-Video Production,  Electronic Media Programming,  Journalism Ethics and a Free Society, Communication Ethics, Independent Study, Instructional Assistance, Selected Topics, Selected Topics in Advertising - Business, Selected Topics in Advertising - Creative, Selected Topics in Professional Contexts, Selected Topics in Public Contexts, Selected Topics in Applications, Selected Topics in Analyses,  Feature Writing, Public Relations Writing, Principles of Fund Raising,  Media Planning,  Literary Journalism,  Internship, Communication Practicum, International Experience, Career Connections, Communication Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, International Advertising, Speechwriting, Advanced Organizational Communication, Photojournalism, Professional Ethics in Advertising, Media Sales, Broadcast Performance Techniques, Design for Print and Interactive Media, Electronic Media Management, Electronic Media Regulation, Public Relations Campaigns , TV News and Sports Reporting, Advertising Campaigns, Advanced Advertising Campaigns,  Video Production II , Public Relations Seminar, Multimedia Storytelling, Task-Oriented Group Facilitation Methods,  Communication Studies Seminar, Senior Honors Thesis, Specialized Reporting

Cost of Education

The total cost to go to Appalachian State University is $13,520 per year.

Scholarships at the University

One is the Wilson Scholars Program that is for students who have excellent academic records. It covers all institutional costs. Another is the W.H. Plemmons Leader Fellows Scholarship that is worth $2,000.

Other Scholarships

The Youth Forward Scholarship is awarded to high school and college students who submit a essay about their volunteerism. Another is the Keynote Scholarship that is awarded to students looking to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, or math.


The salary for a sports analyst could be as little as $10,000 for high school analysts but could be as much as $1 million for ones who work on television networks.

Where Would I go for Work

I would go to Bristol, Connecticut to find work because that is where the headquarters for ESPN is. I would think that being a sports analyst would be a great experience and something I would enjoy doing.





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Sports Analyst

by jabro496


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