My opinion seems to count

Survey results

... in team meetings:

Depending on the topics brought up I try to give my piece of mind.

... for the gaming hour/activities

For the Gaming Hours/Activities – I do not involve myself strongly, although I feel I could.

- Patrik Knoll

... during coachings with my senior

Only in case when we talk about improving stats or whatever.

... for team buildings (in regards to deciding what to do)

I am happy to leave this to the team.

- Patrik Knoll

... for team area decorations

I honestly can’t remember being asked about it, I was probably off that day. I don’t care much for team area decoration anyway, whether it’s there or not, I’m indifferent. I’d like to have the option to opt-in and out for stuff like the Pacman ghosts for example. Not for making them, rather if I want one on my desk or not.

... for the seating plan

Seniors and I decide on a number of facts and observations.

- Patrik Knoll

I had no opportunities to mention my opinion or suggestion in front of the decision. 

... for rewards and recognition (CS heroes)

... during a huddle

From my experience, there is not much room for opinions here.

Only counts when non seniors & TM’s leading the huddle. The rest can read it from their screens.

Does it matter to you whether your opinion counts or not?

I think it depends on the context. For things that affect me directly it matters more than for other things. 

Overall votes for questions 1-8

I speak up and try to make my point through... (Unreadable gibberish)

- Patrik Knoll

Sometimes, depending if I get enough feedback from others to value a change then I take action to do so.

I feel I’m being ignored. I will bring it up with my manager/senior.

The last time I saw someone did that, they lost their job. 

Overall distribution

If this was a GM survey, the result would be


... with the old CSat system, the result would be


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