Global Learning in Austria

What is Global Learning

Global Learning is the analysis of and an engagement with complex interdependent global systems and legacy. 

Today's Project

For our project we will be learning about Austria.  I want you to learn about the following:

*The culture


*What natives do for fun

*The school system




To communicate with the students form Austria we will be using Skype.  Skype is a great way to talk to people from all over the world.  Skype also offers a way to group Skype. 

Amadeus International School 

We will be talking to students at the Amadeus International School in Vienna Austria.  You will be paired with a student there and complete the assignment.  

Internet Safety 

Internet Safety

Do not give out information about yourself or your family without permission

Do not respond to anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable, and tell your parents about it

Do not meet with anyone you met online without your parents permission

Do not open or accept emails, files, links, URLs, or anything else from people you don't know or trust

Never give your password to anyone but your parents or guardians

Internet Safety Cont.


Always learn and follow the acceptable use policy.

Don't tie up computers in public labs by playing games when other people need to work and are waiting for a terminal.

Always end your messages with your name and email address.

Always include a subject heading in emails.

Only forward a message if it is appropriate and if doing so will not harm the reputation or the writer. If in doubt, get permission to forward the message from the original sender.

Use judicious quoting in email.

Take reasonable care with your punctuation and spelling, and don't write in all capitals.

In you quote an email in another venue - a paper, article, online essay, etc. - try to get permission from the writer you are quoting.

Always give proper credit for anything you use or find on the Internet.

Make sure you write down all the information needed for others to go to the source you have cited.

Never use shareware (software available to the public at low prices and paid for on the honor system) without paying the fee for it.

If you get flamed, do not flame in return. Stay cool and respond with wit and good humor.


Lesson Plan

1) Students need to demonstrate good internet safety skills

- take a quiz before to see that they know

- demonstrate while on the computer

-take a quiz after 

2) Students are to talk to their designated Austrian student

-talk about the cultural differences

- differences in schools

- learn about their personal life i.e. family, friends, what they do for fun

3) Quiz

-students are to take a quiz to show what they have learned through this process


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