2 texts about journalism and coverage

Document 1:                         1. Present the document 

1) The document is from a book entitled Out of America: A black man confronts Africa written by Keith B. Richburg. It was published in 1998. It is about / it deals with the evolution of the coverage of events.

2. Which 2 events are mentioned and justify by quoting.

The two events mentioned are the famine in Somalia and war in Bosnia. Both are humanitarian catastrophes which could lead to a serious crisis ( "a time bomb" l.4).

3. In your own words explain the difference in the treatment of these 2 events. 

The press is giving more information about the war in Yugoslavia because people feel more concerned about this conflict. 

Western journalists are ignoring what is happening in Somalia. It reveals that the press is not equally covering international events.

Expressing differences: 

  1. comparatives (more.. than / less ... than)
  2. oppositions (whereas + sub / while + sub / contrary to + N / unlike + N)
  3. use meaningful adjectives (not always "good", "bad" for ewample)

Document 2:                            4. Right or Wrong?

 a) WRONG: “any person with a video camera and a little editing gear (..) can be a network by himself” (l.2-4)

b) WRONG: “the problem with getting material on the Internet is you don’t know where it’s coming from” (l.6-7)

c) WRONG: “you don’t know anything about the people who are producing the material” (l.7-8)

d) RIGHT: “You know they are part of an organization” (l.13)

*** BE CAREFUL ! ***

Pour citer un texte, il faut recopier en entier la citation. 

PAS de pointillés avec juste le 1er mot et le dernier.

PAS d'abbréviations.

NE MARQUEZ PAS seulement le numéro de la ligne

 car "citer" c'est "recopier" une partie de texte.

5.In your own words, reformulate what both texts say about the role of traditional journalists.

 Traditional journalists work for agencies which may be influenced by geopolitics and the main interests of their readers. That’s why these journalists may not have the choice of what they are going to report on. Yet, when they write an article, it is usually quite reliable because it has been checked by someone else.

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