From DVDs to Streaming:
The Evolution of Watching Movies

The Shift Toward Streaming

What is Streaming?

  • Streaming is the process in which information is sent directly to a computer or device without saving the file to a hard disk
  • Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are three of the leading providers of streaming services

What are some of the characteristics of digitalization present in streaming?

Death of Distance

  • Streaming has allowed people to view movies and TV shows without ever having to leave their home
  • Content that might have taken a few days to receive if ordered through the mail can now be viewed within seconds of turning on the TV or computer


  • The use of ratings systems on these streaming services allow people to let others know how they felt about the content they were viewing
    • "From many to many"


  • Many of these providers use algorithms to predict what other movies and shows you might want to view
  • They may also highlight movies from genres similar to the movies you have watched recently

Final Thoughts

  • With streaming set to become the new standard this year, DVDs will soon become a relic of the past
  • With that in mind, where do you think the future of the home movie market will take us?
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