The mass of mars is about 6.4169.10 slighty 10% more bigger than Earth.

it takes mars 686.971 earth days to orbit the sun

It takes mars 24 hours and 22 second to rotate on its axis

Mars has not had an atmosphere scince a long time ago

Temperature on mars can be minus 80 degrees f*

Phobos                                               Deimos

these are both of mars moons

1 rover has visited mars.

July 6 1997 is when the first rover landed on mars

it discovered that water could of have flowed through mars.

I chose this planet because it is the planet we are close discovering because there might be life on mars I believe there used to be life but a long time ago.

4 facts about mars


the month of March is named after Mars.


because mars has almost no atmosphere its sunrises and sunsets appear blue.


Galileo Galilee was the first person to observe mars trough a telescope.


over 100,000 people applied to take a one way trip to mars and colonize it.
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