Cuban Fencing

Leila Canovic Period 3

 My sport is Cuban Fencing. Cuban fencing originated in Spain. The sport was originated in the 12th century.

Their are two players. The players compete on a long strip of material. The strip is about 46 feet long and 5 to 7 feet wide. The strip has a center line, two on guard lines, and two lines marking the rear limits.

The length of the game can be up to 9 minutes. The scoring is simple in the game. When a player touches his or her opponent with their weapon, they are awarded one point.

Their are a few rules in the sport. Players must wear appropriate equipment. They must also have appropriate behavior.

When a player steps beyond the strip's rear limit it awards touch to the opponent. Another penalty is when a player attacks with hands. They can also get a penalty when a player doesn't obey instructions or has violent behavior.

Players have a few tactics. They can use distractions while playing. Players use Simple Attack, Perry and Riposte, Compound Attack, Counter Attack, Counter Time, and Feint and Tempo.

Players use a lot of safety equipment in the sport. They use a face mask, fencing jacket, fencing pants, and a fencing glove that covers the sleeve of the sword arm.

The sport has changed since its origination. The sport has more rules and scoring. It also has more safety equipment and tactics.

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