Lacrosse in China 

Lacrosse was originated in Caughnaguawa  Indians in Montreal 1984. Lacrosse began to develop in Canada. By 1860 Lacrosse had become Canada's national game in the 1867 exhibition 

games were played in England.  

How is it played:

Lacrosse is has many similarities to basketball and hockey. Lacrosse has a goalie player , defenders , midfielders , and attackers. 

There supposed to have 10 players per side on the fields. Games can be played as few as 7 player per side on the field if coaches agreed. Every team has 20 players in the team. U will need a helmet and a stick that is called the Lacrosse. 

Lacrosse matches are divided in to half's instead of quarters  and can range in length from 50 to 60 minutes. Minor league Lacrosse games offer a wide variate  

The objective of the game is to score by shooting the ball into an opponents goal past the goalie using the lacrosse stick to catch , cradle and pass the ball. Defensibly the objective is to keep the other from scoring and to gain the ball through the use of stick checking and body contact or positioning. 

 The game of Lacrosse is played using a combination of offensive and defensive strategies. The most common offense in settle situations is  known as  the 2-3-1.The two midfielders at the top of the field then continues to the attack men on the wings and the midfielder on the crease, and finally the last attack man located at 'X' the position behind the goal.   

Major and Minor fouls:

Player may not use their stick in a dangerous and/or intimidating manner for example:

-A defender may not make a sweeping check from behind that contacts the opponents stick or body.

-A defender may not poke or way the crosse near a opponents  face. 

- A player with the ball may not 

What type of equipment is use for the sport:

Player needs a lacrosse stick, a ball and also a helmet and a mouthpiece for there protection.They need a other protective equipment to protect them self from danger. 

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