Bowling started in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. King Henry lll came up with the game. The game was taking archery practice away from his troops. It got to Argentina.


A game of bowling consists of ten frames. In each frame, the bowler will have two chances to knock down as many pins as possible with their bowling ball.  Games with more than one bowler, as is common, every bowler will take their frame in a predetermined order before the next frame begins. If a bowler is able to knock down all ten pins with their first ball, he is awarded a strike. If the bowler is able to knock down all 10 pins with the two balls of a frame, it is known as a spare. 


. Bonus points are awarded for both of these, depending on what is scored in the next 2 balls (for a strike) or 1 ball (for a spare). If the bowler knocks down all 10 pins in the tenth frame, the bowler is allowed to throw 3 balls for that frame. This allows for a potential of 12 strikes in a single game, and a maximum score of 300 points, a perfect game.


Scoring in Argentina is considered harder than in the United States. Some of the equipment can be different depending what the bowler wants.


There are teams that consist of one player. Each player roles the ball twice to figure out his or her score. Sometimes they can do teams to that consist of three to five players.

Time limit.

The time limit is unlimited. The person takes as much time as they want too. As much time the player wants to take he can. As long as the game finishes with each round done.


In an open frame, a bowler simply gets credit for the number of pins knocked down. Credit is given for 10 plus the number of pins knocked down.The highest score you can get is 300, 12 total strikes which knocked down 120.  


 A pin is 15 inches high and has a diameter of 2 and one fourth inches at the base and a circumference of 15 inches at its widest point. Weight must be between 3 pounds, 6 ounces and 3 pounds, 10 ounces. The bowling  ball  a circumference of no more than 27 inches, and weighs 10 to 16 pounds. People also use uniforms and special shoes for bowling.

Field Dimensions

The bowling field is 60 feet long and 42 inches wide.  The pins are arranged in four rows, with one pin in the first row, two in the second, three in the third, and four in the fourth. The pins have a specific.


The strategy for bowling is to get a perfect strike the first time. If not knock as many pins down as you can. You could have your own way of aiming. Also you want as many points as you can by the end of the game. The ball you use could make a different, the shoes and so on.


Stepping over the line, is a penalty and the pins that are knocked down do not count for points. Also if a pin is knocked down by a ball in the gutter  or a ball of the bumper they are re-spotted.


In Argentina there are no bowling leagues but the have some tournaments. There is one event every year that is the major tournament, besides those there are about 6-7 tournaments a year. Argentina selects the best bowlers to compete around the world in special tournaments such as Olympics and major games around the world.


Not many things have changed around bowling except more very few rules. The only major changes have been in the equipment, shoes, pin setters, balls, arenas, score keeping, and everything else you can think of.

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