EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) 

What Are They???

They access injury of a sick person and transport the person to a medical facility

Standard Course of Study

Anatomy and Physiology I & II

EMT - Basic

Emergency Vehicle

Operations and Communications

Intermediate Interventions


Advanced Airway Management

General Psychology

Advanced Patient Assessment

Advanced Medical Emergencies

Advanced Trauma Emergencies

Special Needs Patients

Rescue Scene Management

Life Span Emergencies

Basic-trauma,cardiac, and respiratory emergencies

Intermediate-Airway management, life support skills, intravenous procedures, and clinical internship

Paramedic-anatomy, physiology, paramedicine, defibrillation, advanced medical procedures







North Carolina Earnings

Average Annual Wage $31,980

Entry Annual Wage $21,310

Experienced Annual Wage $44,720

Average Hourly Wage $15.37

Entry Hourly Wage $10.25

Experienced Hourly Wage $21.50

Median Hourly Wage $14.97

Where Can I Get a Job???


  • Hugh Chatham Hospital
  • Yadkin County
  •  Moses Cone Health System
  • Durham County

In General

  • Hospitals
  • Fire Departments
  • Private practices

Math Correlation 

  • Dosages
  • Calculating BP
  • Calculating pulses

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 By: Kacie Cardwell

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EMT By: Kacie Cardwell

by kacar228


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